Writing Messages


The PRISM Break Secure Email application can compose a new secure message:

  • From within the Hub, or
  • From within the application.

In the Hub, tap on the Compose action to create a new message.


On the Composer tab in the application, tap on the Compose image button to create a new message.


Composer is used to create a secure message that contains a message body and optionally one attached file.

There are two ways to set the recepient:

  • By tapping on the TO: text field, or
  • By selecting the Set Recepient menu item.

In both cases, the contact picker pops up and a contact must be selected. If the contact has more than one email addresses, you need to choose one.

WARNING: You can send the secure messages only to recepients that are stored in your contacts!!!

WARNING: Because only one public key is used to encrypt the message, only one recepient can be set per message!!!


If you are using more than one email accounts, the account from which the secure email will be sent must be selected.


Message is written in a message box. You can use emoticons as part of your message. To clear the message box, select the Clear Text menu item.


Only one file can be attached. To attach a file, select the Set Attachment menu item. File picker pops up for choosing the file. To remove the file from the message, select the Clear Attachment menu item.
When the file is attached, a paper clip appears on the screen. If you tap on the paper clip or select the View Attachment Info, information about a file path is shown.


To send the message, tap on the Send action.