PRISM Break: secure email solution for BlackBerry® 10 devices


BlackBerry® devices are the most secure devices in the world and together with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (in short, BES 10) they provide the most secure messaging. But those security works only on a transport layer between BlackBerry® devices and BES 10 servers. Unfortunately the email messages are still stored on email servers (e.g., Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM Lotus® Domino, etc.) and any administrator of those servers can easily access to your messages stored there. That means email messages are highly secure for email server owners (corporations, companies and organizations) but not for user personally. Your privacy is on stake! And if you don’t use BES 10 at all, your transport layer may not be secure, too.

The PRISM Break Secure Email application protects your messages in two ways:

  • It encrypts your email messages with an asymmetric or symmetric encryption (the app is using a built-in BlackBerry Library for the Security Builder Government Security Edition SB GSE-C that is also known as
    BlackBerry OS Cryptographic Kernel), and
  • It wraps your encrypted messages into password-protected envelope.

asym_enc_editThe asymmetric cryptography (RSA-1024) uses your 1024-bit public key to encrypt the messages sent
to you. That’s why you have to share your public key to your communication parties otherwise PRISM Break Secure Email will switch to symmetric encryption (AES-256). We don’t advise that!!!. Because you are the only owner of your 1024-bit private key that is safely stored on your device, you are the only one that can read those messages.

If the PRISM Break Secure Email application switches to symmetric cryptography (AES-256), a special 256-bit security key is used to encrypt messages. Although the key is unique for each user, we advise you to switch to asymmetric cryptography as soon as possible by exchanging public keys.